Give as a handicap, as points

Give as a handicap, as points - SPOT
Give as a handicap, as points

As a detective, the first thing to do when solving a mystery is to examine the clues and try to understand their meaning. In this case, the clue ‘give as a handicap, as points’ is quite puzzling. It is a crossword clue, which means that it must be a word that fits within a set number of boxes. At first glance, the clue could refer to a variety of things, such as a sporting event or a game where points are awarded. However, upon closer inspection, the word ‘handicap’ stands out as a crucial piece of information.

Handicaps are often used in sports to level the playing field between teams or players. It dawned on me that the answer to this clue may have something to do with this concept. As I thought about it more, I realized that the clue was hinting at a specific type of handicap known as a ‘spot’. A spot is a number of points or advantages that are given to a weaker team or player to help them compete with a stronger opponent.

With this insight, I was able to confidently fill in the answer to the clue as ‘spot’. It was a thrilling moment of discovery, as I had solved yet another mysterious crossword clue. As a detective, the journey to uncover the truth is always an exciting and invigorating experience.