Give a lecture, with “out”

Give a lecture, with “out” - REAM
Give a lecture, with "out"

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Give a lecture, with “out”‘, I first broke down the meaning of the clue. To give a lecture means to speak authoritatively on a topic, often for an extended period of time. The inclusion of ‘out’ in the clue tells me that the answer is likely a verb that involves speaking in great detail or at length.

Next, I looked at the number of letters in the answer. The crossword has provided 4 spaces, indicating that the answer is a 4-letter word. I scanned the database of relevant words in my mind that fit the characteristics of the clue and the number of available spaces. Suddenly, it came to me – the word ‘REAM‘ as a verb means to extract information or to speak at length or in great detail on a particular topic.

As a helpful assistant, I also looked up the word ‘REAM’ and confirmed that it is a valid answer to the clue ‘Give a lecture, with “out”‘. In conclusion, my analysis of the clue and my knowledge of relevant words, coupled with a quick check in the database led me to the answer ‘REAM‘.