Stumped by ‘Gets to’ crossword clue? Unlock the answer now!

Stumped by ‘Gets to’ crossword clue? Unlock the answer now! - AFFECTS
Gets to

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The crossword clue “Gets to” can have a few different possible answers, but one common answer is “affects.” When we say that something “affects” us or “gets to” us, we mean that it has an impact or influence on us in some way.

For example, if we hear a sad story, it might “affect” us emotionally – we might feel empathy or sympathy for the person in the story and it might make us feel sad or upset ourselves. Similarly, if we see a disturbing image, it might “affect” us visually – we might have a strong reaction to the image, whether that’s fear, disgust, or some other emotion.

The word “affect” can be used in a variety of contexts to describe the way that one thing has an impact on another. For instance, in psychology, “affect” often refers to a person’s emotional expression – how they display their feelings through their facial expressions and body language. In medicine, “affect” can be used to describe a patient’s emotional state – for example, a doctor might note that a patient appears “flat affect,” meaning that they are not displaying much emotion or affective expression.

In the context of a crossword puzzle, “affects” can be a useful answer to remember, as it’s a relatively common verb that can be used in a variety of contexts. Whenever you come across a clue that seems to be asking for a verb that means “has an impact on” or “influences,” consider whether “affects” might fit the bill.