Outsmarting the Mind: Can’t Crack This Crossword Clue?

Outsmarting the Mind: Can’t Crack This Crossword Clue? - OUTWIT
Get the better of mentally

Crossword puzzles can be quite tricky, but I’m here to help you understand the answer to the clue ‘Get the better of mentally,’ which is ‘OUTWIT’. OUTWIT is a verb that describes the act of surpassing or surpassing someone else’s mental abilities or strategies. When you outwit someone, you are able to outsmart or trick them by using your intelligence, cunning, or cleverness.

Let’s break down the word ‘OUTWIT’ to understand it better. The word is made up of two parts: ‘out’ and ‘wit’. In this context, ‘out’ means to exceed, surpass, or go beyond, while ‘wit’ refers to intelligence or cleverness.

When trying to outwit someone, you are essentially trying to outsmart them mentally. This could involve coming up with a solution to a problem that they haven’t thought of, using deception or misdirection to achieve your goals, or finding a loophole in their strategy. Outwitting someone often requires you to think outside the box and use your creativity and strategic thinking to gain an advantage.

Outwitting can occur in various situations, such as during a competition, a debate, a negotiation, or even a friendly game. For example, if you are playing a chess match, you might outwit your opponent by anticipating their moves and planning several moves ahead to secure a victory. Similarly, in a business negotiation, you might outwit the other party by proposing innovative solutions or finding hidden advantages that they didn’t consider.

To summarize, the word ‘OUTWIT’ is a verb that means to surpass or outsmart someone mentally. It involves using intelligence, cunning, and cleverness to gain an advantage over another person. So, next time you come across the clue ‘Get the better of mentally’ in a crossword puzzle, you’ll know that the answer is ‘OUTWIT.’