Stuck on ‘Get On’ Crossword Clue? Unravel the Answer Here!

Stuck on ‘Get On’ Crossword Clue? Unravel the Answer Here! - AGE
Get on

Once upon a time, in a small village, there was a man called George. He was a very wise man and people would often come to him to seek advice. One day, a young man asked him for guidance on how to “get on” in life.

George replied with a cryptic smile and asked the young man, “What is the one thing that you cannot avoid in life?” The young man thought for a moment and replied, “I guess it’s the passage of time and the fact that we all age.”

“Exactly!” exclaimed George. “Age is the answer. You can’t avoid getting older, so instead of worrying about it, embrace it and use your age to your advantage. Your experiences and wisdom will help you get ahead in life.”

The young man was initially puzzled but soon realized the truth in George’s words. He went on to apply this knowledge in his life and became very successful.

From that day on, every time someone came to George seeking advice on how to “get on” in life, he would simply give them a knowing smile and say, “Age is the answer.”