Get in hot water, say

Get in hot water, say - BATHE
Get in hot water, say

Once upon a time, there was a mischievous little boy named Timmy who loved to play pranks on his friends and family. One day, Timmy decided to take his prankster ways to the next level by sneaking a can of hot chili sauce into his sister’s bathwater.

As his sister got into the tub and started to relax, she suddenly felt a burning sensation on her skin. She jumped out of the tub and screamed at Timmy, who just laughed and ran away.

But Timmy’s prank soon backfired on him. His parents found out about his misdeeds and grounded him for a week. While he was stuck indoors, Timmy decided to pass the time by doing crossword puzzles.

One day, he came across a clue that read “Get in hot water, say” and the answer was “BATHE.” As he filled in the letters, Timmy realized that his mischievous ways had landed him in hot water and that maybe it was time to start being a bit more considerate of those around him.

From that day on, Timmy became a more kind and empathetic person. He never played pranks on his sister or anyone else again, and he even started to enjoy taking relaxing baths to unwind after a long day. And all because of a simple crossword clue that taught him an important life lesson.