Genre - STYLE

Once upon a time, there was a young writer named Veronica. She loved to write stories and poems every day, but she had trouble deciding what genre she wanted to explore. “Should I write a mystery? Maybe a romance?” she mused to herself.

One day, she was working on a crossword puzzle and came across a clue: “Genre.” She thought hard about it and eventually came up with the answer: “Style.”

Suddenly, Veronica had an epiphany. “Style! That’s it!” she exclaimed out loud. “I don’t have to limit myself to just one genre. I can explore different styles and techniques within my writing.”

From that day forward, Veronica began experimenting with different writing styles. She penned tragically beautiful sonnets, humorous tales of misadventure, and gripping crime thrillers. Her writing became more versatile and engaging than ever before.

Thanks to that one crossword clue, Veronica discovered that she didn’t have to limit herself to a certain genre. By exploring different writing styles, she was able to unlock endless possibilities in her storytelling.