Stumped on a crossword clue? Get the answer to ‘General motor?’

Stumped on a crossword clue? Get the answer to ‘General motor?’ - ARMOREDCAR
General motor?

Meet General Tom, a highly decorated military officer who had one mission in mind – to protect his country’s valuable goods during times of war. He knew that the enemy would stop at nothing to plunder and loot the precious cargo, and he needed to come up with a plan to keep it safe.

One day, General Tom had an epiphany. He would create a new weapon, a vehicle so robust and powerful that it could withstand heavy gunfire and explosives. With this in mind, he used his vast knowledge in engineering to design and build a new “General motor” – the Armored Car!

The Armored Car was a massive weapon on wheels, with a top speed of 60 miles an hour, capable of transporting troops, equipment, and supplies across any terrain. Its body was covered with thick metal plates that shielded it from any attack, and it was armed with cannons and machine guns to respond to enemy fire.

Thanks to General Tom’s invention, his troops and their valuable cargo were safe from enemy attack, allowing them to win the battle and secure their country’s freedom. From that day on, the Armored Car became a critical asset in the military and played an essential role in protecting millions of people worldwide.

Therefore, the answer to the crossword clue “General motor?” is Armored Car – the life-saving invention of General Tom.