Garfield’s pal in the funnies

Garfield’s pal in the funnies - ODIE
Garfield's pal in the funnies

Garfield’s pal in the funnies is a lovable, yellow, long-eared beagle named Odie. Odie is a fictional character that first appeared in the comic strip “Garfield” in 1978. Created by cartoonist Jim Davis, Odie is often depicted as a playful and loyal pet to Garfield’s owner, Jon Arbuckle.

While Garfield is known for his lazy demeanor, Odie is his opposite, always full of energy and movement. Garfield often bullies Odie but at the same time, they share an amicable relationship. Often depicted as an unwitting sidekick, Odie is, in fact, a beloved character in the “Garfield” series.

Odie’s physical appearance is an essential part of his character. With his wide, innocent eyes and floppy ears, he is one of the most endearing characters in the comic strip. Odie’s personality shines through his body language, which cartoonist Jim Davis expertly depicts in his illustrations.

In conclusion, Odie is Garfield’s pal and a much-loved character in the “Garfield” series. His playful demeanor, physical appearance, and loyalty to his owner make him a fan favorite.