Gardener’s bagful

Gardener’s bagful - SOIL
Gardener's bagful

Once upon a time, there was a hardworking gardener named Sam. He was passionate about growing beautiful plants and vegetables in his garden. Every morning, he would set out with his trusty tools and a bag, ready to work on his latest project.

One day, as he was tending to his garden, he realized that he had forgotten a crucial component – soil! Without it, his plants wouldn’t have the nutrients they needed to grow strong and healthy.

Frantically, he scoured around the garden looking for any spare soil he might have left lying around. After a while, he found a bag tucked away in the corner. He eagerly tore it open, relieved to have finally found some soil.

From then on, Sam never forgot the importance of having enough soil in his garden. Whenever he would go out to work, he would always bring along a bag filled to the brim with rich, nutritious soil. And it wasn’t long before his garden started flourishing with beautiful flowers and tasty vegetables.

So, next time you see the crossword clue ‘gardener’s bagful’, remember the valuable lesson taught by Sam – that soil is essential for the health and growth of any garden.