Stuck on 6-letter ‘Funerary fire’ clue? Here’s the answer!

Stuck on 6-letter ‘Funerary fire’ clue? Here’s the answer! - PYRE
Funerary fire

Sure, I‘d be happy to explain the answerPYRE‘.

A pyre is a structure, often made of wood, upon which a dead body is placed for the purposes of cremation.

Pyres have been used for thousands of years in various cultures as a form of funerary ritual.

The use of pyres can be traced back to ancient times where it was considered an honorable way of sending off the deceased. In many cultures, the pyre was considered a sacred space where the soul of the deceased could be set free and begin their journey into the afterlife.

Construction of a pyre varies depending on the specific culture and the resources available. In India, for example, pyres are traditionally made from sandalwood and are built in accordance with strict religious guidelines.

In modern times, pyres are still used in some cultures, but cremation has largely replaced this ancient funerary practice. Nonetheless, pyres continue to hold significant cultural and religious meaning for many people.

When it comes to crossword clues, ‘funerary fire‘ would be a common clue used to indicate the answer ‘PYRE‘. In conclusion, a pyre is a structure used for the ritualistic burning of a deceased person, traditionally regarded by many cultures as an honorable way of sending the soul of the deceased to the afterlife.