Baffled by Frost-Covered Clue? Get the Answer Now!

Baffled by Frost-Covered Clue? Get the Answer Now! - RIMY
Frost-covered, poetically

Once upon a time, there was an adventurous yet forgetful poet named Emily. Every year, she would venture into a frozen forest to find inspiration for her next masterpiece. She would often get lost in the icy wonderland and forget the way back home. But she was always saved by a friendly fairy named Remy.

One day, Emily was stuck in the middle of a frost-covered field. She couldn’t find her way out and was shivering in the cold. Suddenly, she heard a tiny voice. It was Remy, the fairy!

Remy saw Emily’s struggle and knew just how to help her. He waved his tiny wand and made the air around Emily shimmer. Soon, everything in sight was covered in a delicate layer of ice, including Emily herself.

Emily was amazed at the sight in front of her. She had frozen in place, as if carved from ice. But she wasn’t cold anymore. The frost enveloping her was surprisingly warm and cozy. It made her feel safe and comfortable, like a warm coat on a cold winter day.

Remy had used his magic to cover Emily in frost poetically. He had made her “rimy”. And with that, Emily was able to break free from her frozen state and continue on her journey.

From that day on, Emily would remember Remy’s magical power every time she came across a clue that said “frost-covered, poetically”. She would always think of Remy and his ability to make her feel warm and secure in the icy woods.