Fresh starts

Fresh starts - RESETS
Fresh starts

Once upon a time, there was a young boy named Charlie who loved to play video games. One day, he was playing his favorite game when he realized he made a mistake and had lost all his progress. Devastated, Charlie went to his older brother for help.

“Don’t worry, little bro,” his brother said, “All you have to do is press the reset button and you can start over fresh!”

Charlie didn’t understand what his brother meant by “reset button.” So his brother explained that the reset button is a way to start over from scratch, with a clean slate. Just like how in a crossword puzzle, when you can’t seem to solve a word, you need to reset and start with a fresh set of clues and letters.

This explanation made sense to Charlie, and he hit the reset button on his game console. He was delighted to see that he could start the game over with no mistakes and a new opportunity to do better. From that day on, Charlie knew that anytime he needed a fresh start, he could always hit the reset button.

And that’s how the crossword clue “fresh starts” became synonymous with the answer “resets.”