Freight in flight

Freight in flight - AIRCARGO
Freight in flight

Once upon a time, there was a cargo plane named Freight who loved to fly high in the sky. He always had a great view of the world from up there, and he loved experiencing the rush of wind as he soared through the clouds.

One day, while he was up in the air, he suddenly found himself in the middle of a crossword puzzle. The clue for one of the words was “Freight in flight.” Freight was confused – what did that even mean?

Suddenly, he heard a voice from below. It was the puzzle’s creator, who explained that “Freight in flight” was a clue for the answer AIRCARGO. Freight understood now – he was a piece of air cargo, transporting goods all around the world.

Feeling proud of his important role, Freight continued on his flight, knowing that he was a crucial piece of the puzzle that kept the world moving.