Fraternity letter

Fraternity letter - TAU
Fraternity letter

As a detective tasked with solving the mystery of the crossword clue “Fraternity letter,” my first thought was to consider what the word “fraternity” might refer to. Knowing that fraternities are typically associated with college campuses, I began to brainstorm Greek letters commonly used in the names of college fraternities. Several possibilities came to mind, such as Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, but none of these seemed to fit the crossword puzzle’s available space of three letters.

Finally, my attention turned to other letters in the Greek alphabet, and I remembered the letter Tau. While Tau is not typically associated with fraternities in the way that Alpha and Beta are, I knew it was still a common letter used in Greek-letter organizations. This realization fit perfectly with the crossword puzzle’s available space and completed the word sequence.

After a little bit of research, I confirmed that Tau is indeed a popular letter used in the names of fraternities, particularly those with roots in the Eastern United States. By following these clues and drawing on my knowledge of Greek letters and college fraternities, I was able to confidently arrive at the answer of “Tau” for the crossword puzzle’s “Fraternity letter” clue.