Flute-playing Greek god makes an effort?

Flute-playing Greek god makes an effort? - PANTRIES
Flute-playing Greek god makes an effort?

Once upon a time, there was an ancient Greek god named Pan. Pan was famous for his love of music and playing the flute could be heard far and wide across the land.

In order to show his appreciation for Pan’s talents, the people of Greece built special rooms where they could store all the food items and supplies that they needed for everyday life. These special rooms were called “pantries” in honor of the flute-playing god.

However, one day, Pan noticed that many of these pantries were becoming disorganized and chaotic. So, he decided to make an effort to help the people of Greece by organizing their pantries and making sure they were well-stocked for the long winter ahead.

And thus, the crossword clue “Flute-playing Greek god makes an effort?” leads to the answer “PANTRIES” – a tribute to the musical god’s love of food and his helpfulness to the people of Greece.