Floor - AMAZE

Sure, I’d be happy to explain! The crossword clue “Floor” is a bit ambiguous, as it could refer to many different things. However, based on the answer “AMAZE,” I’m assuming the clue is looking for a synonym for “stun” or “surprise.”

In that case, “AMAZE” is a great answer! The word “amaze” means to fill someone with wonder or astonishment. It’s often used to describe a feeling of shock or disbelief about something unexpected.

Here’s an example of how “amaze” might be used in a sentence: “I was amazed by the incredible skill of the gymnast as she performed complex flips and twists on the balance beam.” In this sentence, “amazed” conveys a feeling of disbelief and awe.

In crossword puzzles, “amaze” is a popular answer because it’s a common word with a broad range of meanings. It can be used to describe a variety of emotions or reactions, from shock to wonder.

So if you see “floor” as a crossword clue and you’re looking for a five-letter word that means “stun” or “surprise,” “amaze” would be a great choice!