Flexible - ELASTIC

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Ella who lived in a small village surrounded by lush forests. She loved to play in the woods and explore every inch of it, but she always struggled with one aspect- crossing the swift-flowing river.

One day, as she walked along the river, she noticed a group of fishermen fixing their nets. Among them was an old man who was weaving a net from a peculiar material. It was a flexible and stretchy material that could withstand the water’s force and was easy to work with.

Curious, Ella approached the old man and asked him about the material. The old man smiled and said, “This is ELASTIC, my dear. It is a magical material that can bend and stretch without breaking.”

Ella was fascinated by the property of the material and asked if she could have a piece of it. The old man was happy to oblige and cut a small section of the ELASTIC for her. Ella then used it to create a bridge over the swiftly flowing river. She could easily stretch it across the river and take it back when she was done.

From that day on, Ella was known as the clever girl who built a flexible bridge from ELASTIC. People from neighboring villages soon began to visit and learn about the miraculous material that could bend and stretch without breaking.

Thus, ELASTIC became a household name in the village, and people started using it for various purposes. And that is how the crossword clue ‘Flexible’ became synonymous with the answer ‘ELASTIC.’