Fleet-footed (“A Maypole”)

Fleet-footed (“A Maypole”) - SWIFT
Fleet-footed ("A Maypole")

Once upon a time in a small town, there was a grand annual Maypole dance celebration. People from all around the countryside came to partake in the festivities, including a speedy hare named Henry, known for his lightning-fast running skills. As the Maypole dance was about to begin, the participants noticed that they were missing one important item – the ribbons to wrap around the pole.

Everyone started to panic, thinking that the festival was ruined. But then Henry, the fleet-footed hare, offered to help. He dashed through the fields and forests, gathering ribbons from neighboring towns and farms, and returned swiftly with the ribbons just in time for the dance to start.

The people were amazed and grateful for Henry’s swift help. From that day on, they started using the word “swift” as a synonym for “fleet-footed,” in honor of the hare’s incredible speed. And thus, when the clue “Fleet-footed (‘A Maypole’)” appeared in crossword puzzles, the answer was always “SWIFT,” to remind people of Henry’s quick and helpful actions that saved the Maypole dance celebration.