Find hilarious

Find hilarious - ROARAT
Find hilarious

As a detective, my task was to unravel the mystery that lay hidden behind the crossword clue ‘Find hilarious‘. I started by looking at the number of letters provided in the crossword and the spaces available. With five spaces vacant, my mind raced with numerous options, but I had to find the most appropriate answer that met the requirement of the clue.

Next, I looked for synonyms of the word ‘hilarious’, which would give me a better understanding of what I was dealing with. I noted words such as ‘funny‘, ‘comical‘, ‘amusing‘, and ‘entertaining‘, among others.

As I connected the dots, the word ‘ROAR‘ came to mind. This was because ‘roar’ is a figurative expression that connotes very loud laughter or extreme amusement. However, ‘ROAR‘ is just four letters, and I needed a five-lettered word.

Then it dawned on me that the word ‘AT‘ would be an excellent addition to ‘ROAR’, making it ‘ROAR AT‘. This combination seemed even more appropriate as it matched the synonym ‘find amusing’ for the word ‘hilarious’.

Therefore, I confidently filled in the crossword with the answer ‘ROARAT,’ and I was right! It turned out to be the perfect fit for the crossword clue ‘Find hilarious’.