Film character who says “Donkey, two things, OK? Shut … up”

Film character who says “Donkey, two things, OK? Shut … up” - SHREK
Film character who says "Donkey, two things, OK? Shut … up"

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, lived a grumpy and misunderstood ogre named Shrek. He loved his solitude and swamp but his peaceful life was interrupted when a group of fairytale creatures were forced to move into his territory. Frustrated at having his space invaded, Shrek decided to make a deal with the kingdom’s ruler, Lord Farquaad. In exchange for getting rid of the fairytale creatures, Shrek requested that he be left alone in his swamp.

Throughout his journey, Shrek was accompanied by an energetic and talkative character, known as Donkey. Although Shrek was initially annoyed by Donkey’s constant chatter, the two eventually became unlikely friends.

One day, as they were on their way to confront Lord Farquaad, Donkey started to ramble on about something Shrek found annoying. Interrupting him, Shrek said, “Donkey, two things, OK? Shut … up.” Donkey was taken aback for a moment but eventually laughed it off, knowing that Shrek was just cranky.

In the end, Shrek was able to reclaim his swamp and Donkey found his true love, a fire-breathing dragon. They both lived happily ever after, cherishing the unlikely friendship that began on their journey to save the fairytale creatures. So, the next time you come across the crossword clue “Film character who says ‘Donkey, two things, OK? Shut … up'”, remember that it’s the one and only Shrek.