Solve the Puzzle: Do You Feel Remorse Over This Crossword Clue?

Solve the Puzzle: Do You Feel Remorse Over This Crossword Clue? - REGRETS
Feels remorse over

Sure, I’d be happy to help! REGRETS is a very common term used to describe feeling remorse or guilt over something that has been done or not done in the past. The term is often used to describe the negative feeling experienced after taking an action that one believes was wrong or hurtful to oneself or others.

In the context of crossword puzzles, the clue “feels remorse over” almost always refers to the term REGRETS. (It’s also important to note that there are plenty of other synonyms or related terms that could be used in this context, such as remorse, sorrow, or guilt!)

So what exactly does REGRETS mean? Essentially, it refers to a feeling of sadness or disappointment about something that has already happened. Often, when we experience REGRETS, it means we wish we would have done something differently in the past, or avoided a certain action altogether.

People might experience REGRETS over all sorts of things – maybe they said something mean to a friend and regret the way it made them feel, or maybe they missed an opportunity that they now realize was very important to them.

Overall, the term REGRETS is a simple and straightforward way to express feeling remorse over something in the past. It’s one of those words that nearly everyone can relate to, and that’s why it’s so often used in crossword clues and puzzles!