Fast-food offering that may come with a toy

Fast-food offering that may come with a toy - KIDSMEAL
Fast-food offering that may come with a toy

Greetings! I’m happy to help you with this crossword clue. “Fast-food offering that may come with a toy” hints towards one of the most popular food items that kids love to have, especially when comes with an added pleasure of a toy – the KIDSMEAL.

A kids’ meal, as the name suggests, is a meal designed especially for children, usually served at fast-food restaurants. The meal usually consists of a standard entrée like hamburgers, chicken nuggets or sandwiches, along with a side dish like french fries or apple slices, and a beverage, typically a soft drink or juice box. In addition, as an added incentive, the kids’ meal also comes with a small toy that is often based on popular movie or TV characters and is loved by kids.

The main reason for fast-food chains to offer kids’ meals is to attract families with young children to their restaurants. They offer a low-cost meal option with a toy reward, which is a great way to keep kids entertained while parents can enjoy their meal.

In summary, the answer to this crossword clue is likely to be KIDSMEAL. A KIDSMEAL is a standard children’s meal served in fast-food restaurants, usually consisting of an entrée, side dish, and beverage accompanied by a small toy that kids love to collect and play with.