Fanatical - AVID

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Peter who was absolutely crazy about basketball. He would spend hours each day playing the game, watching games on TV, and reading up on all the latest news and stats.

One day, he came across a crossword puzzle in the newspaper with a clue that read “Fanatical“. As he racked his brain for the answer, he couldn’t help but realize just how well the word described his own passion for basketball.

Finally, the answer came to him – AVID. And as he filled in the letters, he couldn’t help but smile at the perfect fit. For he was indeed an avid basketball fan – one who loved the sport with all his heart and soul.

From that day on, Peter proudly proclaimed himself as an AVID fan of basketball. And he continued to play, watch, and follow the game with the same level of intensity and excitement as ever before. Because when something truly captures your heart, there’s no greater feeling than being a little fanatical about it.