Fall guy

Fall guy - PATSY
Fall guy

Once upon a time, there was a group of criminals who had planned a grand heist. They needed someone to take the blame in case things went wrong, so they chose a man named Patrick. They convinced him to be their fall guy, promising him a big reward if everything went as planned.

Patrick thought it was his lucky day and happily agreed to their terms. However, when the robbery eventually went awry, the police descended on the scene and quickly arrested Patrick. He realized too late that he had been used as a patsy, a person who was set up to take the blame for something they didn’t do.

As the trial began, the true culprits watched from afar, relieved that they had managed to avoid the consequences of their actions. The media dubbed Patrick the fall guy, but he knew what had really happened, and he vowed to clear his name.

Years later, Patrick finally gathered enough evidence to prove his innocence, and he was exonerated. He never forgot the lesson he had learned and became a fierce advocate for justice, determined to stop others from becoming patsies like he had been. And that’s the story of how the crossword clue ‘Fall guy’ became synonymous with the word ‘patsy’.