Fair/foul caller

Fair/foul caller - UMP
Fair/foul caller

Once upon a time, there was a little league baseball game between two teams: the Fairies and the Foulies. The game was getting heated, and the players were arguing over the calls made by the umpire. The Fairies claimed that every call was fair, while the Foulies protested that the umpire was biased.

In the middle of the game, a bird suddenly crashed onto the field with a crossword puzzle in its beak. The players and the umpire gathered around to see what the puzzle was about. As they were trying to solve the puzzle, they saw that the clue for one of the words was “Fair/foul caller.”

The umpire immediately stood up, proudly pointing to himself and said, “That’s me! I’m the umpire who decides whether a play is fair or foul!”

The players were impressed and realized that they were wrong to argue with the umpire. From that moment on, they respected his calls and played the rest of the game fairly.

As for the bird, it flew away with its crossword puzzle, happy that it helped resolve a dispute and teach a valuable lesson to the players. And whenever they saw an umpire on the field, they remembered the little bird’s puzzle and knew exactly who they were dealing with.