Fail to include

Fail to include - OMIT
Fail to include

Once upon a time, there was a young chef named Oliver who was preparing for a big cooking competition. He had a long list of ingredients he needed to include in his signature dish to impress the judges. However, in the midst of all his preparations, he realized that he had forgotten to buy one essential ingredient – a rare spice that was the secret to his dish’s unique flavor.

Oliver frantically searched through his pantry and his fridge, but he couldn’t find the spice anywhere. Eventually, he had to accept the fact that he had failed to include it. As he walked dejectedly around the kitchen, he noticed a bottle of hot sauce on the counter. For a wild moment, he thought about including it in his dish, hoping that the judges wouldn’t notice the missing spice.

But then he had a more sensible idea. He decided to omit the dish’s recipe entirely from his competition entry. As he presented his dish to the judges, he felt nervous about not including all the ingredients, but he hoped that they wouldn’t notice. But when the judges tasted the dish, they couldn’t help but marvel at its unique flavor. Oliver had managed to make something amazing by omitting just one ingredient.

From that day on, Oliver learned a valuable lesson about cooking and life in general – sometimes it’s not about keeping everything intact or perfectly following the rules. Omitting certain things can sometimes lead to better outcomes. And that’s how he solved the crossword clue ‘Fail to include’ with the word ‘OMIT’ – a word that represented the power of choosing what to include and what to leave out.