Fabulist’s fabulations

Fabulist’s fabulations - YARNS
Fabulist's fabulations

As a detective solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Fabulist’s fabulations‘, the first clue is in the word ‘fabulist‘ itself. A fabulist is a person who tells fables, stories that involve elements of fanciful fiction and moral lessons. This suggests that the answer to the clue could be a synonym for ‘stories‘. The word ‘fabulations‘ provides further evidence of this, as it means ‘fictional stories‘. A wide range of words could fit this criteria, but the vowel pattern in ‘fabulist‘ and ‘fabulations‘ hints towards a word with a similar pattern. Considering the popular term for fictional stories, ‘fables and tales‘, the word ‘yarns‘ fits both the criteria and the pattern. Thus, the answer to the crossword clue is most likely ‘yarns‘, which is slang for storytelling, especially involving exaggerated or humorous anecdotes, and is commonly used in colloquial English.