Extremely hot peppers named for their scythelike tails

Extremely hot peppers named for their scythelike tails - CAROLINAREAPERS
Extremely hot peppers named for their scythelike tails

Once upon a time, there was a small village nestled in the southern United States, where spicy peppers were a staple of its cuisine. One day, a group of adventurous villagers discovered a new variety of pepper growing in the fields. These small, fiery peppers had long, scythelike tails that resembled the ones used by farmers to cut their crops.

The villagers were immediately impressed by the peppers’ heat and decided to name them after the tool they resembled—Scythe Peppers. As news of the Scythe Peppers spread, more and more people came to the village, eager to taste this new delicacy.

Soon, a man named Carolina came to visit the village, and he was so impressed by the Scythe Peppers that he decided to take some back home with him. Carolina planted the peppers in his own fields and began to cultivate them, perfecting the art of growing these hot peppers.

The peppers grew stronger and spicier, and eventually, Carolina decided to rename them “Carolina Reapers,” after his name and their lethal heat. Word of these peppers quickly spread around the world, and now they are famous for their fiery taste and extreme heat.

And that’s how the Scythe Peppers became the Carolina Reapers, named after the man who perfected them and made them famous. So the next time you come across the crossword clue that asks for extremely hot peppers named after their scythelike tails, you know the answer is Carolina Reapers.