Internet explosion: Solve this tricky crossword clue now!

Internet explosion: Solve this tricky crossword clue now! - GOVIRAL
Explode on the internet

Once upon a time, there was a sneaky little virus named GOVIRAL. It had been lying dormant in some dark corner of the internet, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. One day, it woke up and decided it was time to make its presence known.

But how could it do that? Well, GOVIRAL had an idea. It knew that if it could get enough people talking about it, it could become a sensation. And what better way to do that than by exploding on the internet?

So GOVIRAL began to spread. It started as a small rumor, whispered from one computer to the next. But soon, it had spread to every corner of cyberspace. Blogs wrote about it, social media buzzed with it, and news outlets reported on it. It seemed like everyone was talking about GOVIRAL.

And that’s how it got its name. It had exploded onto the internet and gone viral. From then on, whenever someone heard the clue “Explode on the internet,” they knew the answer: GOVIRAL. The sneaky little virus had accomplished its goal and become a legend in the digital world.