“Everyone dislikes autumn now!”

“Everyone dislikes autumn now!” - FALLSOUTOFFAVOR
"Everyone dislikes autumn now!"

As the detective, my first step was to break down the crossword clue and decipher what it could possibly mean. The clue “Everyone dislikes autumn now!” suggests that this particular season used to be popular but has now fallen out of favor. From this, I looked to find a phrase or word that encapsulates the idea of something losing popularity over time. “Falls out of favor” immediately came to mind, but it’s obviously too long for the crossword answer field. So, I looked for other variations before I realized the pun being used: ‘Falls‘ not only refers to the iconic season, but it also means ‘loses let’s say,’ and hence ‘FALLSOUTOFFAVOR‘ was the perfect answer. The exclamation mark in the clue was a hint to the phrase being a complete sentence, which pointed towards this solution. By breaking down the clue and using my knowledge of popular phrases, I was able to unravel the mystery and ultimately solve the crossword puzzle.