Eventually - INTIME

Sure, I’d be happy to help you. The crossword clue “Eventually” can be commonly answered with a 6-letter word, INTIME, which means “at an appropriate time; after considerable time has passed; at last.”

INTIME is a commonly used adverb that indicates an event that happened after a considerably long period has passed. It can also mean that something happened precisely when it was supposed to happen.

For instance, if someone was waiting for their order in a restaurant, they might ask the waiter how long it would take for their food to arrive. The waiter might reply, “Your order will be ready INTIME.”

Similarly, if something was supposed to happen after a certain duration, we can use INTIME to indicate that it happened at precisely the right time or expected time.

In summary, INTIME refers to something that happened eventually, or the appropriate time, after a considerable time has passed.