Equinox mo.

Equinox mo. - SEPT
Equinox mo.

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a wise old man who lived in a small village nestled by a beautiful river. The villagers respected him for his vast knowledge and wisdom, which he often shared during his storytelling sessions.

One day, while sitting by the riverbank, some of the curious villagers asked him about the significance of the word “Equinox.” The wise old man replied, “Equinox marks the moment when the day and night are equal and are balanced on opposite sides of the Earth.”

The villagers found it fascinating and asked him if there was a certain month where the Equinox occurred. The wise old man pondered for a moment and gave them a crossword clue, “Equinox mo.”

The villagers were puzzled and had no idea about the answer to the crossword clue. They asked the wise old man for the answer, and he smiled and said, “The Equinox happens twice a year, and one of them falls on the 22nd or 23rd of September, which is abbreviated as SEPT in the calendar.”

The villagers were amazed at the knowledge of the wise old man and never forgot the significance of the month of September as the Equinox month. From that day on, every time they saw the SEPT abbreviation in their calendar, they thought of the wise old man and remembered his wisdom.