*Easy-listening background tunes

*Easy-listening background tunes - ELEVATORMUSIC
*Easy-listening background tunes

Once upon a time, in a tall building downtown, there was a man named Jack who owned an elevator company. Jack’s elevators were the best in town- smooth, quiet, and quick- but there was one complaint he couldn’t seem to solve. His clients complained the elevators were too silent, creating awkward and uncomfortable silences in the ride. Jack went on a mission to solve this problem and make his elevators more enjoyable to ride.

One day, Jack discovered the perfect solution while shopping in a music store. He had heard that “easy-listening background tunes” played in shops and restaurants, and it always made him happy. Jack knew that his elevators needed similar tunes to create a comfortable ambiance for his clients. He quickly bought a few CDs and added them to the elevators’ sound systems.

The very next day, Jack’s clients were thrilled with the new additions. Riding the elevators was no longer a silent and uncomfortable experience. The music filled the small space and put everyone at ease. Soon, the idea of adding “Easy-listening background tunes” to elevators caught on, and it was dubbed “ELEVATOR MUSIC.” All of Jack’s competitors started doing it too.

And that’s how “Easy-listening background tunes” became known as “ELEVATOR MUSIC” – an essential element to make elevator rides smoother and more enjoyable.