Eastern island on the Equator

Eastern island on the Equator - SUMATRA
Eastern island on the Equator

Once upon a time, there was a group of avid crossword enthusiasts who loved nothing more than spending their Sunday mornings attempting to conquer the infamous New York Times crossword puzzle. One particularly challenging Sunday, the group found themselves completely stumped on a clue that read “Eastern island on the Equator.”

Despite their collective knowledge and wit, the group spent hours scratching their heads and rifling through reference books, unable to come up with the elusive answer. As the day wore on and frustration mounted, one member of the group suddenly had a stroke of brilliant inspiration.

“I once took a geography class where I learned that the Equator runs right through Indonesia!” he exclaimed excitedly.

The group eagerly pored over their maps until they came across the island that lay directly on the Equator, and to their relief, they found that it was a six-letter word that fit perfectly into the crossword grid. The answer, of course, was Sumatra.

From that day on, the group always remembered the lesson they had learned about geography and the power of collaboration. And every time they encountered a tricky crossword clue, they worked together to tackle it with renewed confidence.