Dry, as vino

Dry, as vino - SECO
Dry, as vino

Sure, I’d be happy to help! In the world of wine, the term “seco” is used to describe a specific type of wine. The word “seco” actually means “dry” in Spanish, and it is commonly used in reference to Spanish and Portuguese wines.

When a wine is referred to as “seco”, it means that it contains very little residual sugar. Residual sugar refers to the natural sugars that are left over after the fermentation process is complete. So in a “seco” wine, these sugars have been fermented into alcohol, leaving the wine with a dry taste.

Overall, if you see the word “seco” used in reference to a wine, you can expect a dry, crisp taste with limited sweetness. This is in contrast to wines that may be labeled as “dulce” or “sweet.”

And there you have it! That’s the explanation for the crossword clue “dry, as vino” – the word that fits the bill is “seco.”