Puzzled by ‘Drops like flies’? Unravel the Answer!

Puzzled by ‘Drops like flies’? Unravel the Answer! - UNZIPS
Drops like flies?

The crossword clue “Drops like flies? is UNZIPS” is a wordplay-based clue that requires some thinking outside the box. The phrase “Drops like flies” is a common expression used to describe a rapid and sudden decrease in numbers or occurrences, often associated with unfortunate events. However, in this particular clue, the word “drops” is meant to be taken literally as a verb, suggesting something falling or being lowered. To solve the clue, one needs to think of a word that fits this literal interpretation and can be associated with the word “unzips.” The answer to this crossword clue is “UNZIPS,” as it can be understood that when one “unzips” something, like a zipper, it results in an item or object “dropping” or being lowered.