Drinking vessel that may have a lid (“Sacred Emily”)

Drinking vessel that may have a lid (“Sacred Emily”) - STEIN
Drinking vessel that may have a lid ("Sacred Emily")

Once upon a time in a small town in Germany, there lived a young man named Hans. Hans was a potter and he loved creating beautiful drinking vessels. He would etch intricate designs into each piece, making them unique and special. One day, a woman named Emily came into his shop and asked if he could create a special drinking vessel for her. Emily explained that the vessel was for a ritual at her church and must be handled with care. The vessel needed to have a lid to keep the holy water inside safe.

Hans worked tirelessly to create the perfect vessel for Emily’s needs. He crafted a beautiful piece with a sturdy handle and an elegantly designed lid – he hoped it would be worthy of its sacred purpose. When Emily came to pick up her order, she was thrilled with the final product. She knew it would be treasured and revered by her congregation for generations to come.

Years passed, and Emily’s “Sacred Emily” vessel became famous throughout the town as a symbol of faith and beauty. People started to request similar vessels for their own churches or personal use. Eventually, the word “stein” became synonymous with a drinking vessel that is durable and comes with a lid – just like the one Hans designed for Emily’s ritual. And that is how a beautiful piece of craftsmanship became a crossword clue, with “stein” being the answer, for generations of puzzlers to enjoy.