Drink cooler

Drink cooler - ICE
Drink cooler

Once upon a scorching summer day, Fred the Frog decided to invite his friends over for a pool party. He prepared everything in advance, including the drinks. But as the day started to get hotter, he realized that he didn’t know how to keep the drinks cold.

He asked his friends for a solution, but nobody had any idea. Suddenly, his friend Ellie the Elephant came up with the perfect answer. “Why don’t we put ice in the cooler?” she said.

“Great idea!” exclaimed Fred. He quickly grabbed a cooler and some ice from the freezer. He filled the cooler with the ice and placed the drinks inside. The ice started to melt as the day went on, but it kept the drinks cool and refreshing.

From that day on, whenever Fred and his friends had a summer get-together, they made sure to have plenty of ice to keep their drinks cool. And whenever someone needed to solve the crossword clue ‘Drink cooler’, they knew the answer was ‘ICE‘, thanks to Fred and Ellie’s creative solution.