Drag one’s feet

Drag one’s feet - SHAMBLE
Drag one's feet

Once upon a time, there was a clumsy little elephant named Ellie. Ellie was always dragging her feet whenever she walked, which made her very slow and often resulted in her falling behind her friends.

One day, Ellie was playing a game of jungle crossword with her friends. The clue was “to move slowly and awkwardly” and she couldn’t figure out the answer. As she struggled, one of her friends pointed out that she was literally “dragging her feet” as she played. Suddenly, it hit Ellie that the answer to the clue was “SHAMBLE“.

Ellie realized that her own habit of dragging her feet was just like shambles – slow, awkward, and lacking in purpose. From that day on, Ellie made a conscious effort to pick up her feet when walking, and soon she was moving along more smoothly and confidently.

With her newfound agility and quickness, Ellie became much more successful in all her endeavors – from playing crossword puzzles faster to winning races with her friends.

And that’s how Ellie’s experience with dragging her feet helped her understand and remember the crossword answer of “SHAMBLE“.