“Dracula has lived half a millennium!”

“Dracula has lived half a millennium!” - BATSFIVEHUNDRED
"Dracula has lived half a millennium!"

As a detective, the first thing that comes to mind when seeing the word “Dracula” is the famous vampire, who is known for his love of dark and ominous creatures, such as bats. Then, upon examining the rest of the clue, “half a millennium,” my mind jumps to the idea of 500 years. So, putting these clues together, we can assume that the answer to this crossword puzzle must relate to a creature that has lived for 500 years, just like Dracula. But what creature could this be? That’s when the realization hits – bats are creatures that are known for their longevity, and a group of bats is referred to as a “batting“! So, the answer to this particular crossword clue must be “BATSFIVEHUNDRED,” a clever play on words that captures the essence of the mystery. In conclusion, by putting together different clues and using a touch of wordplay, the solution to the “‘Dracula has lived half a millennium!” crossword puzzle became clear.