Doughnut shapes

Doughnut shapes - TORI
Doughnut shapes

Once upon a time, there was a baker named Tori. She loved experimenting with different shapes and sizes of doughnuts. One day, she decided to make a batch of doughnuts that were shaped like a torus– a donut shaped like a ring or circular shape.

When Tori brought her delicious creation to her local coffee shop, the owner was amazed. He had never seen doughnuts shaped like this before! Customers were intrigued by the unique shape and the name ‘torus‘. They started asking the owner if he would start offering ‘Tori’s Torus Doughnuts’ on the menu.

Word spread quickly and soon enough, Tori’s doughnuts were in high demand across the city. People realized that not only were they delicious, but they were healthier than traditional doughnuts since they were baked instead of fried.

Finally, one day, a crossword puzzle was published in a local newspaper. The clue read: Doughnut shapes (4). Tori’s friend happened to be doing the crossword and knew the answer right away- it was ‘TORI‘! And so, Tori’s unique doughnut shape became famous in the world of crossword puzzles.

From that day forward, Tori’s Torus Doughnuts became a staple of the coffee shop menu, winning over the hearts (and stomachs) of the community with their unique shape and delicious taste, and Tori’s name became synonymous with the doughnut of her own creation.