Stumped on the crossword clue for ‘Doofus’? Find the answer here!

Stumped on the crossword clue for ‘Doofus’? Find the answer here! - ASS

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom run by a wise and just king. He believed in the power of education and encouraged his people to engage in intellectual pursuits. One day, an arrogant and foolish man named Doofus arrived in the kingdom. He looked down upon those who valued education and intelligence, declaring that he was too smart for such things.

The king decided to teach Doofus a lesson. He ordered for a grand crossword puzzle to be created, with clues that would challenge even the smartest minds in the kingdom. Doofus saw this as an opportunity to prove himself, shouting to everyone that he would be the first one to solve the puzzle.

The day of the grand puzzle arrived, and Doofus eagerly grabbed a copy. He tackled the clues one by one, but he found them to be much more difficult than he anticipated. Frustrated, he stormed up to the king, declaring that the puzzle was impossible.

But the king simply smiled and pointed at one particular clue: “Another name for a foolish person.” Doofus racked his brain, trying to come up with an answer that would show he was not a “doofus”. He became increasingly anxious and worried that everyone was watching him.

Suddenly, he started seeing a connection between himself and a donkey. A donkey, which is often called an “ass“, is known for being stubborn, ignorant and clumsy. That’s when he wrote down the answer ‘ASS‘ and submitted it to the king.

Everyone in the kingdom gathered around the king as he examined the completed crossword puzzles. Doofus was standing at the back of the crowd, nervously awaiting the result. To his surprise, the king announced that Doofus was the only one who answered the ‘Doofus’ clue correctly. The whole crowd burst into laughter while Doofus’s face turned red.

From that day on, Doofus learned to appreciate the value of education and intelligence. He began reading books and solving puzzles, determined to become a wise and learned member of society. And the people of the kingdom never forgot the day when the doofus found his true ‘ass’ociation with the animal.