“Don’t ___ the bear”

“Don’t ___ the bear” - POKE
"Don't ___ the bear"

As an expert in the field related to the crossword clue “Don’t ___ the bear”, I can confidently say that the answer is “POKE“.

When we talk about “poking the bear“, we mean provoking or irritating someone or something powerful and dangerous, just like a bear. The phrase is often used to warn people against taking unnecessary risks or actions that could lead to trouble.

In this context, “poke” refers to a physical action of prodding or poking something or someone, often deliberately and aggressively. A poke can be a way to provoke a reaction or to show dominance, but it can also be a way to test boundaries.

In the case of a bear, poking it would be a terrible idea as it is likely to result in an attack. The same goes for other dangerous animals or situations. Poking a sleeping dog, for instance, could lead to a serious bite.

Overall, “don’t poke the bear” is a wise advice to avoid unnecessary risks and keep yourself safe.