Donned, as a silky dress

Donned, as a silky dress - SLIDINTO
Donned, as a silky dress

Certainly! The answer to the crossword clue “Donned, as a silky dress” is “SLIDINTO“. This phrase means to put on a piece of clothing, like a dress, that is made of a smooth and often silky material, by gently sliding it over your body. This is a common way to describe putting on a dress that fits snugly and smoothly against your skin.

To use “SLIDINTO” in a sentence, you might say “She SLIDINTO the dress effortlessly, the smooth fabric draping perfectly along her curves.” This phrase conveys a sense of ease and grace, as if putting on the dress was an effortless process. It’s also a slightly more specific way of describing the act of putting on clothing, as opposed to simply saying “she put on the dress.”

In crossword puzzles, the clue “Donned, as a silky dress” might be paired with other clues related to clothing or fashion. For example, you might see clues related to designers, trends, or specific types of clothing. By learning the meaning of “SLIDINTO,” you’ll be better equipped to solve similar clues in the future.

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