Doctor’s order

Doctor’s order - BEDREST
Doctor's order

As a detective trying to solve the mystery of the crossword clue “Doctor’s order“, a few thoughts immediately come to mind. Doctors often provide orders or recommendations for their patients to follow in order to improve their health and well-being. These orders typically involve some sort of treatment, rest, or medication. Given the context of the crossword puzzle, it’s likely that we are looking for a treatment-oriented recommendation.

One possibility that comes to mind is “bedrest“. This is a common order that doctors give to patients who are recovering from an illness or injury. Bedrest involves staying in bed or resting for extended periods of time, often in order to allow the body to repair itself. It is a simple yet effective way to speed up the healing process and prevent further damage to the body.

As we consider the other clues and fill in more letters, it becomes clear that “bedrest” is indeed the correct answer. This is a great reminder that sometimes the simplest solutions can be the most effective, and that rest can be just as important as more complex medical treatments.