Division of Comcast

Division of Comcast - NBC
Division of Comcast

Welcome! Today, we’re going to be discussing the crossword clue ‘Division of Comcast‘, and its answer: NBC.

First, let’s start by discussing what Comcast is. Comcast is a global media and technology company that operates a number of businesses in various industries, including cable television, internet, phone service, and even theme parks.

Now, let’s talk about NBC. NBC is a television network that is owned by Comcast. It was originally founded in 1926 as the National Broadcasting Company, and has since become one of the major television networks in America. Some of its most popular programs include “Saturday Night Live,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “This Is Us,” and “The Voice.”

NBC is a major division of Comcast, as it generates a significant portion of the parent company’s revenue. It has helped Comcast become one of the largest media companies in the world, with a portfolio that includes a number of notable media brands.

So, when you see the clue “Division of Comcast” in a crossword puzzle, the answer is NBC. This is because NBC is one of the most significant and well-known divisions of the larger parent company.

In summary, NBC is a major television network owned by Comcast, and is one of the most important and profitable divisions of the larger company. I hope this explanation was helpful!