Disjunctive conjunction

Disjunctive conjunction - EITHER
Disjunctive conjunction

As a detective tasked with solving the mystery of the crossword clue ‘Disjunctive conjunction,’ I put on my thinking cap and took a deep dive into all the possible options that could fit the bill. I started by looking at the first word in the clue, which was ‘Disjunctive.‘ This word suggests that we are looking for a word that is used to denote a choice between two alternatives or options.

Next, I moved on to the second word, ‘conjunction.‘ This term refers to a word that connects phrases, clauses, or sentences. The combination of these two words led me to conclude that we were looking for a word that connects two clauses or ideas but also suggests a choice or difference between them.

With this in mind, I started considering different options that could fit the bill: ‘or,‘ ‘nor,‘ ‘but,‘ ‘either,‘ and ‘versus.‘ Upon careful consideration and some trial and error, ‘either‘ emerged as the best possible solution. It’s a word that is often used to present a choice between two things or ideas, and it’s also commonly used as a conjunction to connect two clauses.

In conclusion, my thought process and insights helped me deduce that the answer to the crossword clue ‘Disjunctive conjunction’ was ‘either.‘ It was a satisfying and fulfilling moment when I finally solved the mystery of the elusive crossword puzzle.