Disinfectant spray brand

Disinfectant spray brand - LYSOL
Disinfectant spray brand

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom plagued by a terrible epidemic. The king and his advisors were desperate for a solution to stop the spread of the disease. One day, a wise alchemist came to the castle and presented the king with a solution – a magical potion that could cure the sick and disinfect the kingdom.

The potion was made from a rare flower that only grew in the far-off lands. To make it, the alchemist needed a special ingredient – a liquid that could instantly kill germs and bacteria. The king asked if such a liquid existed, and the alchemist nodded.

“It’s called Lysol,” the alchemist said, “and it’s the best disinfectant spray brand in all the land.

The king immediately ordered his messengers to bring him as much Lysol as they could find. When they returned, the alchemist mixed the Lysol with the rare flower and created the magic potion.

The potion worked like a charm – it cured the sick, disinfected the kingdom, and saved countless lives. From that day forward, Lysol became known as the best brand of disinfectant spray in the land. Everyone in the kingdom used it to keep their homes and businesses clean and healthy.

And so, the next time someone was stumped by the crossword clue “Disinfectant spray brand,” they knew without a doubt that the answer was Lysol – the very same spray that had saved the kingdom from the epidemic long ago.