Digs in a forest

Digs in a forest - NEST
Digs in a forest

Sure, I can definitely help with that! The crossword clue “Digs in a forest” can be answered with the word “nest“. Nest is a term used to describe a structure built by birds or animals to house their eggs and/or young ones.

In a forest, birds usually build their nests in trees, shrubs, or on the ground, depending on the species. For example, a woodpecker might dig a cavity in a tree trunk and use it as a nesting place, while a robin might build its nest on a low branch using grass, twigs, and mud.

Nests serve to protect the eggs or hatchlings from predators, harsh weather conditions, and other threats. The design and construction of a nest vary depending on the bird’s species, with some birds building sophisticated structures that can take days or even weeks to complete.

Nesting behavior in forest animals other than birds also exists. For example, a squirrel may form a nest using leaves and twigs, and a fox may dig a den in the ground or use a hollowed-out tree as a shelter.

In conclusion, a nest is a structure built by birds or animals in a forest, typically made of materials such as twigs, leaves, and grass. Nests are essential for the survival of eggs and young ones as they offer protection from danger and harsh environmental conditions.